Hearts Alive will go live (May-1 2016)

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Let's Get Informed

Heart Transplant Eduction is Key to a Successful Experience

Knowledge Articles

Articles on a wide range of heart transplant related topics, including general heart transplant related internet news


Blogs by the authors of the site as well as other contributors


Several shopping sites from stock t-shirt and other chachkies with heart related imagery, to custom Hearts Alive items, and a listing of classified ads

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers


A glossary of terms, since a lot of the medical words or terms used throughout the process that may be new to you.

Surveys & Polls

Several Poll questions as well as longer heart transplant related surveys of our guests and members.

Browse the Site

Our site is intended for use by recipients (pre & post-operative) as well as their caregivers. We intend on bringing information to you that you may not have been given throughout the process.

PATIENTS - Will find information pre and post-transplant

CAREGIVERS - Will find information on the process as well, but care instructions as well
KNOWLEDGE SEEKER - Knolwedge Articles, Surveys, Videos, Files, FAQ, Term Glossary and more...

Our Affiliates

Just some of the organizations that we are affiliated with

About Hearts Alive

At Hearts Alive we are a non-profit information sharing portal. This website is dedicated to a rare community of recipients and their care givers. We provide information sources in order to make the journey smoother.

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